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    i am new to this forum. i am 190lbs, 27 years old male, and 5'11". i did my second cycle three months back and now considering the idea of running winstrol, proviron, test e, equipoise, and trenbolone for 16-18 weeks. i want to lose belly fat and gain lean muscle mass. can anyone plz guide me with the dosage and PCT aspects?

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    dude that is a lot of steroids for someone with your modest stats

    i would never in a million years advise someone to stack winny and tren along with 3 more compounds in the same cycle for that long. tren really shouldn't be ran longer than 8 weeks to be honest.

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    Holy smokes man. That's a really aggressive 3rd cycle. That's like a Ronnie Coleman stack.

    Why not just do test at 500mg/week, EQ at 300mg/week and proviron at 25mg/day (+ an AI like aromasin at 12.5mg EOD).

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    Everyone wants to gain lean muscle and lose fat.

    You need to slow the fuck down though. One thing at a time. What is your body fat? You need to decide if you have to cut first or are ready to add mass. If you are ready to cut then steroids are not the answer.

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