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Thread: Should I throw in winny?

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    Default Should I throw in winny?

    i am on my first blast, running test e 500mg a week and i am up 15-20lbs on week 8th. the cycle is for 14 weeks. would you recommend me to do the next of test and deca and throw in winny at the end??

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    stacking together test deca and winstrol doesn't make much sense. You would be better off stacking test + deca + dbol ->
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    you are up 20 pounds in 8 weeks???!!!

    lol how skinny were you when you started?

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    It depends on how you look. Sounds like you are bulking since you added so much weight and are looking into test/deca next. Winny doesn't make much sense with bulking. If you are thinking to "clean up your gains" at the end with doesn't work like that.

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