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Thread: High levels of aggression

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    Default High levels of aggression

    i am on a cycle with testosterone enanthate, masteron, and tren and must say i have gone a beast. i never felt so aggressive and act violently to even the slighest of things. is that because of high blood pressure? or something else? help plz.

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    No, this is because of the highly androgenic nature of trenbolone, and masteron does not make things any better. Some people who have predispositions to be tempered will get an increased level of aggression with those highly androgenic compounds. Therefore, keep that in mind, and think twice when you get angry.

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    tren and test are androgens. masteron is a DHT derivative

    combine all 3 and you become like that. a lot of this has to do with maturity too and not being used to such a rise in androgens. i mean if you are 20 using these steroids you aren't even a man yet and have barely had hair on your balls for a couple years. so how would you know what it is like? a 40 year old has been a man for half his life so he understands the feeling.

    maybe you just aren't mature enough yet to use roids man

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    It is the androgenic properties of steroids that cause increases in aggression.

    Testosterone is pretty androgenic but tren is VERY androgenic. It's mainly the tren that is causing the huge increase in aggression.

    If you don't like the increase in aggression, you will want to stick with steroids that have a high anabolic rating and low androgenic rating - things like anavar, primo, EQ, deca etc.

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    This completely makes sense with the amount of androgens that are in your body. If you find that it is tough to control then drop your tren dose or drop it all together. Not everyone is suited to run tren.

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