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Thread: first time with cypionate, help

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    Default first time with cypionate, help

    hello friends. i have three cycles under my belt and now wants to run a cycle with testosterone cypionate 200mg taken twice a week along with HCG 250iu twice a week and HGH 2iu. would this be a nice cycle or would you recommend something else?? i am open to all suggestions.

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    forget the hcg.

    the test and HGH dosages are a tad above hormone replacement dosages. so that really isn't a cycle man. you are shutting yourself down for very little in return. that is something you need to re-examine here.

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    As @stevesmi mentioned - drop the HCG. HCG does more harm then good. Whenever you use steroids, your natural testosterone production is going to be suppressed. HCG will not change that but will only add side effects. Check out this article ->

    You aren't going to notice much from HGH unless you run at least 4iu per day. If you can't afford that, look into nutrobal instead ->
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