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Thread: ideal for PCT?

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    Default ideal for PCT?

    been reading across different steroid forums and have been reading mixed reviews and suggestions when it comes to PCT. can any expert here please guide me on what is the best time to start PCT? also, should i do post cycle therapy with both clomid and nolvadex or just nolva? thanx a lot.

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    you want to use pct to provide a soft landing. PCT's job isn't to 'restart your HPTA' you can't throw drugs at a problem to restart your own body, only your body can fix it. it is like if you have the flu, only your own immune system can kill it

    so you use pct to help get a soft landing so you keep lifting and don't lose gains. google perfect pct

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    Check out this article on the perfect PCT ->!-49252.html

    It lays everything out for you completely.
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