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Thread: diet opinions

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    i want to run a bulking cycle next in about a month or so. this would be probably with testosterone enanthate 600mg a week along with deca 400mg a week for 16 weeks and i'll run dbol 40mg ed for first 6 weeks. should i do a high protein-carbs diet such as protein 40% carbs 40% and fats 20%?

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    Those macronutrient ratios look really good.

    Remember that what you eat is just as important as how much. Base your diet around clean unprocessed foods, eat in around a 500 calorie per day surplus and you should grow like a weed!
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    the biggest problem with this cycle (yeah i have done it) is the bloat. i wouldn't even bother using the dbol and i would drop the test a lot .. in fact what you should do is swap in proviron instead and run that the whole way.

    if you just want to move the scale and bloat like a fish then run it the way you have it though, some guys want that i guess

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    I don't even bother with macro ratios anymore. What I like to do is eat 1g of protein per lb body weight and fill in the rest based on how you respond to carbs. For me, I keep carbs lower so my fats will be a bit higher. It is a learning experience and as you progress you will learn more and more about your body.

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