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Thread: is this a good choice?

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    Cool is this a good choice?

    i have been planning for my second cycle for a while. would you recommend running sustanon 250mg twice a week for 16 weeks and use arimidex .25mg eod?? also, can Albuterol and Ketotifen along with N-Acetyl Cysteine be used with it? thanks a lot in advance

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    Your cycle itself looks good. Your arimidex dosage is on the low side though. I would bump that up to 0.5mg EOD.

    Check out cardarine. It would be a much better option then albuterol. Better fat loss results and no risk of loosing muscle.

    Cardarine ->
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    you want to use aromasin with it and you don't need that other stuff man. if you want something on cycle to keep your nuts use hcgenerate, and i would recommend n2guard to support your organ health

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    What are your goals for the cycle? Nothing wrong with 500mg of test per week but 16 weeks is too long. I would keep it to 12 weeks or it gets really hard to recover. Remember that you have long esters in your system so a 16 week cycle is more like a 22 week cycle.

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