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Thread: Typical Dbol dosage?

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    Default Typical Dbol dosage?

    i am thinking about running my next cycle with testosterone enanthate, dianabol, and deca. i am pretty sure with the test e and deca dosages -- 500mg a week and 400mg a week, respectively but would you suggest running dianabol 40mg ed or 60mg ed for the first 5 weeks of this 18 week cycle? thanks.

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    If it is of a good quality, then 40 mgs should suffice. There is no real need to go over 50 mgs per day, so stick to 40. Usually, with high quality gear you might have enough with as much as 25 mgs, but there are few companies that still produce properly dosed stuff.

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    20-30mg a day.. I have no idea why guys are running so much dbol these days. i have always blew up on a much lower dosage than what they want to run

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    I agree with @stevesmi

    20-30mg/day is plenty. Mega dosing dbol is just going to make your blood pressure sky rocket and make you feel like crap. Not to mention the lower back pumps that come with high dosages of dbol
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    Guys need to stop running 18 week cycles. Add in the esters and you are on for a very long time. Cut that down to 12-14 weeks. Dbol at 30mg is more than enough for 4 weeks.

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