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Thread: cutting down with anavar?

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    Default cutting down with anavar?

    i've never used steroids before but have been reading a lot about some amazing roids, especially anavar. both me and my gf want to lose belly fat and i was wondering would you recommend a 12 week cycle of testosterone enanthate 500mg a week and anavar 60mg ed for me, and anavar 40-50mg ed for 10 weeks for my gf??

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    bud steroids do not burn fat. they do several other things though, including shutting down your reproductive system as a man and for a female giving masculinizing side effects. the dosages you want to take for your gf are way too high anyway

    you both need to fix your diets, and start exercising more. if you have belly fat that is a red flag that you simply eat too much food. eat less!

    if you want a PED go with sarms. sarms1 will be back in a month and you can read about their stuff in the mean time

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    Anavar is a great steroid but steroids do not burn body fat. Steroids increase muscle protein synthesis. They don't effect fat loss at all.

    Do some more reading on anavar ->

    Check out cardarine. Cardarine is probably the best supplement you can take to directly increase fat loss ->
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    Vets cover you with the problem with cutting adding AAS. But nobody told you about orals....never do orals more then 6 . ...max 8 weeks. If you love and need your liver.
    So 12 weeks of ANAVAR looks way to much in ny opinion

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