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Thread: cutting suggestions

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    Default cutting suggestions

    Hello friends. how are y'all? have been a visitor to this amazing forum time and again. i have two cycles under my belt and now wants to run a cutting cycle. would you recommend running winny and clen with test e or is there some better cutting cycle combination??

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    steroids do not cut. certain steroids do dry you out, but that isn't cutting

    listen to our recent podcasts and we suggest cutting options

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    I would never run winny or clen to lose fat. Clen is terrible to run anytime because of the side effects. It is extremely harsh on the body including the heart. It is a very outdated drug. Winny is best used when already very lean. I wouldn't bother with it unless you are under 10% body fat.

    All test will do when cutting is help keep your muscle.

    Cutting comes down to being in a caloric deficit every single day, not using drugs. Steroids DO NOT burn fat.

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