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Thread: what to stack with anavar?

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    Default what to stack with anavar?

    I have done a cycle with testosterone enanthate 250mg twice a week for 16 weeks six months ago. now i want to do a cutting cycle and was wondering if anavar alone would do the trick or should i turn to a stack with anavar, test e, and winny/clen??

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    We actually just did an entire episode on evolutionary radio on cutting diets, fat loss and cheat meals. Episode 134 ->

    The problem with clen is that it simply raises metabolism. It does not differentiate between muscle or fat. You will most likely loose a combination of fat and muscle when running it.

    A ppar agonist like cardarine on the other hand, burns fat with no risk of muscle loss. You can read up on cardarine more here ->

    Test e + anavar + cardarine would be a very effective fat loss stack. That would be my recommendation.
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    var is not a fat burner

    you don't just take it and magically burn fat.

    diet is going to be the #1 thing to lose fat.

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    You can take whatever you want when cutting since steroids do not burn fat. What you need for that is to be in a caloric deficit every single day.

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