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Thread: roids and bruising

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    Default roids and bruising

    i have been reading a lot about steroids for bodybuilding. i am quite prone to injuries and bruises that tend to last for long. would you recommend a 18 week cycle with testosterone enanthate, deca durabolin, HCG, IGF-1lr3? or is there something better?

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    If you are prone to injuries - steroids would not be a good idea since they decrease collagen synthesis in the body.

    SARMS would be a much better option all around. Particularly ostarine. You can read up on SARMS more here ->

    The triple stack would be a great SARMS cycle for you to run. The triple stack is combination of S4 + ostarine + cardarine.
    Cardarine is a great SARM for fat loss and endurance
    Ostarine is a great SARM for recovery
    S4 is a great SARM for strength gains
    You get the best of everything by stacking the three together.
    Trevor Kouritzin RHN, B.ENG
    Human Nutrition masters student
    Pro bodybuilder, International model
    Evolutionary Radio podcast host

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    what kind of injuries are you getting?

    i mean if you play hockey, football, and do motor cross then yeah you will be more likely to get injured

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