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Thread: poor life after using fake gear

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    Default poor life after using fake gear

    i used some gear 3 months back and i am sure that they are behind my ruined sex life. i ran trenbolone acetate and testosterone enanthate along with masteron for 18 weeks. i tried using cialis and all, but no effect. any word of help??

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    You ran a very aggressive cycle. 18 weeks of tren is crazy. Most people use tren for 10 weeks. 12 weeks max. You did a number on your HPTA and natural testosterone production with that cycle.

    Have you gotten blood work done? If you haven't, I'll bet you any amount of money that your natural testosterone production is pretty much zero.

    What you are going to need to do is re-run a REALLY good PCT to restart your natural testosterone production.

    Listen to episode 131 of evolutionary radio ->

    We did an entire episode on PCT.

    Check out this article on the perfect PCT ->
    ^That is the PCT protocol I would run if I was you.
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    you are pretty much fucked for a while.. you ran gear for 18 weeks.. counting time for esters to clear that comes out to like 5 months

    it has been only 3 months. it will take much longer for you to balance things out. blood work is important but in the mean time i would get on a high quality T booster.. get hcgenerate, you will feel better gradually

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    when you run ANYTHING for that long you HAVE to run either hcg, nolvadex, arimadex , clomid or some sort of serm during the whole thing. there not just for pct
    they will keep you from lowering your natural production of test to 0 don't worry you'll be back to normal soon

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    Just give it time man. You were on for 18 weeks plus esters........Basically you were on gear for half a year. Way too long. Even if you run a good PCT it is still up to your body to recover itself. There is NO WAY to magically "restart HPTA". That is not possible. It just takes time.

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