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Thread: how to lose weight safely?

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    Default how to lose weight safely?

    i've been reading about cutting stacks and steroids these days and have come to the conclusion that a cycle with clenbuterol, winstrol, and anavar along with a testosterone based compound like enanthate would be the best thing. am i right on this one? is there a better and safer way out??

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    well steroids aren't fat burners man. just throwing a bunch of steroids together that are dry will make you DRY, they won't burn fat. and clen isn't a steroid anyway.

    you don't need any of that to lose weight safely. how bought simply eating less and exercising more? crazy i know, but it works 100% of the time if you do it consistent

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    You don't need any drugs or supplements to loose weight.

    It works like this -
    Body weight = calories consumed - calories burned

    To loose weight, you simply need to eat less calories then you consume. Simple as that. You can accomplish that by either eating less or moving more, or both.
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    Losing weight safely is an extremely simple concept. Just eat less calories than you burn. That is it. Steroids do not burn fat so stop being lazy and looking for some miracle pill. It just takes consistency.

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