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Thread: fainted after sustanon 250 shot

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    Default fainted after sustanon 250 shot

    my first injection of sustanon 250 happened three days back and everything was damn good. it was on the right glute. today morning i injected sustanon 250 on the left glute and suffered the shock of my life. i was unable to see and breath for a while and started sweating badly. i fell on the ground and fainted. what was that?????

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    There is no way that the steroid injection itself can cause you to faint. What it sounds like is that you were freaking yourself out and had a mini panic attack.

    Relax my friend! It's just an injection lol. Think about how many people get a flue injection every single day.

    Do your injections when you are the most comfortable and your mind is at ease. Have a hot shower, max sure you are relaxed and then do your injection.
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    You may have hit a nerve causing some pain and then freaked out. Just take your time and relax next injection. Make sure you are hitting the upper outer quadrant.

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    injections can cause this.. pretty common. get better at it

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