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Thread: Dry gains on test prop

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    Default Dry gains on test prop

    i've been running testosterone propionate 595mg a week along with turinabol 90mg for the last 12 weeks in a cycle of 18 weeks. i started at 175lbs and now at 191lbs and loving the way this cycle has turned up for me. the gains are drier than ever before. how to retain these gains?

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    16 pounds in 12 weeks is really good results. Nice job brother.

    Muscle is muscle. If you do everything right, you should keep about 80% of the gains you make on your steroid cycle.

    Not keeping the majority of the gains you made on your steroid cycle is usually the result of:
    1. Not running a proper PCT after your steroid cycle.
    2. Not training and eating with the same intensity after the cycle as you did on cycle.

    Keep training hard, eating well and follow a proper PCT after your cycle, and you have nothing to worry about brother.

    Check out this link for the perfect PCT protocol ->!-49252.html

    The perfect PCT is arguably the best PCT protocol you can run. It is comprised of the SERMS clomid and nolvadex, the AI aromasin, HCGenerate ES (a good natural testosterone booster), N2guard (a liver/organ detox supplement) and the SARMS ostarine and cardarine.
    Trevor Kouritzin RHN, B.ENG
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    you want to gain 1-2 pounds of lean muscle mass per year. when i hear people gaining double digits on 1 cycle it makes me SMH. if that was consistent you would gain 100 pounds after 7 or 8 cycles. that doesn't happen

    all that happened here was that you were below your genetic potential and hopped on sauce and it brung u up. you didn't gain tons of muscle, but it was mostly water and fat. yes more water in the muscles counts as water, not muscle! you aren't going to keep this when you come off. it is more of a take 3 steps forward take 2 steps back thing now. you want to keep consistent with your workouts and diet and not pay attention to the scale

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    90mg tbol per day! Holy fuck. I hope you are using a double dose of liver support.

    The best way to keep your gains is to run a complete PCT and not to slack off after you come off cycle. You need to be just as intense with training and even better with diet.!-49252.html

    Also, 16 weeks is a very long time to be on. 12 weeks is more than enough with test p to be on.

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