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Thread: Test E with Tbol

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    Default Test E with Tbol

    hello friends, would it make sense to run testosterone enanthate 250mg twice a week in a cycle of 16 weeks along with turinabol 60mg ed. also, what would be better: dostinex, arimidex, or letrozole for this cycle? any tips to follow??

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    500mg/week of testosterone with a tbol kick start would be a great cycle. Your tbol dosage is pretty high though. I would drop it down to 30mg/day and use it just the first 6 weeks of your cycle.

    The best AI choice is aromasin since it is a suicide AI. There will be no estrogen rebound when you discontinue usage. 10mg EOD is a good dosage for your cycle.
    You can read up on aromasin more here ->
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    i would also reduce the cycle to 12-14 weeks.. 16 weeks is too long to 'cycle' steroids.

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    Seems like lots of guys on this forum are keen on the 16 week cycle. To me that is a bit long. Stick to 12 weeks with test only. I would run it at 500mg per week, kick start with the tbol at 60mg per day, and run aromasin as your AI. 10mg EOD is a good dose. Don't forget N2Guard too since tbol is liver toxic.

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