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Thread: Dbol or Tbol

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    Default Dbol or Tbol

    Hi everyone,
    I am currently considering whether to get Tbol or Dbol for my first cycle for bulking. It is going to be my first cycle and I want to make the better choice.
    Thanks in advance!

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    I do not recommend oral only cycles, and your first cycle should be test only. What is your age, training experience, and body fat percentage?

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    22 years, training experience 1 year, but not following diet all the time and really hard to gain weight even when I follow diet. 172cm height 61kg weight. I am really not thinking of injections for now even though I have read everywhere that they are much better and safer. I prefer tablets for now and was just thinking between tbol or dbol.

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    Body fat around 10-11%, but really want to get to 70-75kg, even though I know it will take me a while, it’s just that i stay all the time at 60-62kg....

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    At your age, you should not be considering AAS yet. Your endocrine system is still developing, and steroids can cause it irreversible harm, leading to hypogonadism. You would be far better off considering sarms for bulking and strength right now.

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    Not sure what will be the effect with sarms, as I have never heard of them..

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    Quote Originally Posted by chozuto View Post
    Not sure what will be the effect with sarms, as I have never heard of them..
    They are selective androgen receptor modulators. They will have results like steroids except notnas powerful, but also with far less side effects and stress.

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