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Thread: Tren Cycle Only

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    29 years old. 6?1 175 I just started tren-e 250 this last Sat bought in Plan on 1 ml every four days .plan on a 20-week cycle and for post Clomid.any advice?
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    I'm not a massive fan of running tren on its own (although some are fine with it), and I prefer to run at least a TRT dose of test with it. With that much tren, I would recommend 0.25mg of cabergolin e3d to control prolactin. I'd also advise against running any cycle that long as recovery becomes much more difficult after about 12 weeks or so. I would also recommend a more robust PCT of both clomid and nolvadex for probably 6 weeks at 50mg clomid and 40mg nolva (and halving the dose after 3 weeks). I generally recommend 25-50mg of Proviron ed on cycle as well as this helps maximize free test and mitigates sexual side effects.

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    If you're going to run any gear, I highly recommend using test as the foundation. Tren alone is generally not a good idea as it will create "Tren dick," generate very oily skin, increase body hair, suffer from sleeplessness and promote scalp hair loss.

    If you've never run Tren before, you'll really want to run the acetate ester in case you respond really poorly. Depending on your personality, you'll likely become an irritable dick or become an incredibly huge dick while running a dose that high.

    I'd also target a duration of 12 weeks max and be ready to drop it if you respond poorly.

    If you do run as you plan, I highly recommend the cycle support mentioned in the previous response above
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