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Thread: Test Tren Dbol Cycle

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    Default Test Tren Dbol Cycle

    Hey guys, this gonna be my first cycle. Can you recommend to me which cycle is best for beginner? I have Test400 Tren100 Dbol50 by Is it bad cycle if i take all of theses? I mean, I am worry about Tren and Dbol play a role in different(opposite) ways. Is there anyone who tried this cycle before? Do you think it would be ok? I?d really appreciate it if you could comment.
    Age : 28
    Ft : 5?7
    Ib : 127
    Body fat : under 8%
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    That is not a good first cycle, no. Your first cycle should be test only (300-400mg/week should be fine). That said, I think you really need to put on more mass naturally first, since you seem pretty light. Eat more and train more for a while, and maybe add creatine to the mix. Using steroids prematurely almost inevitably leads to injury.

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    What you will use for PCT?

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