Hey all

Got a ?perfect PCT protocol? question for you guys.
I?m about to start my pct after cutting stack - tren ace, t-prop, mastrn
Was running for 8 weeks at 225mg eod (75mg of each)

Doing perfect pct protocol
W1-2: Starting Cardanine and N2 generate
W2-4: adding Osta Nolva Clomid

Now I saw that it?s recommended to add Aroma in week 3-4
But I have only anastozl - can I use it instead of Aroma?
It?s not the same, but still AI..

Let me know your thoughts?

P.S I have prolactin issue, so I?m taking caber e2d ?
Was running exemistan (aroma) during the cycle, but now ran out of it..
Still have caber left..