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Thread: HGH burn?

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    yes-think I'm a little hypo-I crave sweets when I'm hypo-I wasn't craving sweets for a long time before this now that you mention it-I try mot to eat junk-what do you guys think I could do to help this?-
    -I drink shakes with a complex carb powder mix now-
    -seems like I wake up in a hypo state-I even drink a shake before bed-
    -my weight is up-waist is down to 30"-6' tall 184lbs body fat well below 10 easy-

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    You might be doing what i did for about 2 weeks when my brain wasn't working so well. Do you do the same thing as the winny with the alcohol prep as you do for the hgh? Sometimes the easiest answer is the right one. are you letting the alcohol dry? Access's sticky mentions it and for some reason i disremembered it for a couple weeks. I have done a total of about 14 months of gh and i have never had a burning sensation. i have never done that much, 3iu's per day for me. i also use the jintropin and have never had a problem. just throwing that one out there.

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    Hazcat Guest


    I think you should drop your gh down even more. Since you're down to 5iu's now you aren't going to see mass gains from it. Now it's basically at the dose for fat burning and I don't think you have much fat on you so you can get by with a lower dose. Somewhere around 2 iu's daily. That should help with the hypoglycemia problems and you can still get the benefit of the gh..... plus you can run it longer as well.

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    -thanks-I think I'll cut back a little more then-
    -do you guys think someone with my body type will get much out of hgh or am I waisting $-oh by the way my age is 36 if that helps-

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    Hazcat Guest


    I would never call hgh a waste. I do think the return for the price paid is a little tough to swallow. If I could afford it I would run it every day at 2 iu's for the rest of my life. Does that give you an idea how I feel about it? Simply put it's a great product but the benefits are hard for me to justify the cost. That's just for me. You may have a great low price supplier or you may be independently wealthy or put more emphasis on health. If that is the case it would be a good thing to continue.

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    I's a lot of money for the benefits but that said I would probably continue to take if I had an endless wallett.

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