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Thread: Transition from HRT to Test Only Cycle

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    Default Transition from HRT to Test Only Cycle

    First off thanks to all for providing excellent information. I have been reading for quite some time and am wondering how one would make the transition from HRT (TestC - 200MG week / HCG 250iu 2X Week) to a beginner cycle. I am still in the planning stages and need to dial it in a bit, however, here are my current thoughts.

    Test C/E @ 500mg Week for 12 weeks.
    PCT: Nolva - Arimidex - HCG

    Diet and training good. (Protien intake 1.5g per lb) Still working on getting body fat to 12% before I start.

    Goals: gain 15lbs lean muscle while still improving body fat.

    Stats: 35yo, 6'0', 205lbs, 14% body fat

    Big question here is how to resume HRT once cycle/pct is complete. Is is safe to simple resume or does my body need a 10-12 week break?

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    I think it would be best to ask your HRT doctor. Obviously you are on HRT for a reason so I don't believe there would be an issue with starting back on HRT after pct. The thing to remember is pct will only get you back to your natural levels which must be low. It would be important to get back on in your case because your levels will still be low and you could lose what you gained.

    As far as your diet, you need to increase your protein and maybe calories, depending what your current intake is. You are not going to lose fat while on cycle so if that is your goal you should work on that first.

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    After your cycle go straight back to your hrt dose and run pct while running your hrt. Be sure to do some blood work once you think everything has settled down to make certain your hrt doesn't need adjustment. Give enough time for your test and estrogen to level back out.

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