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Thread: PCT question

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    Default PCT question

    Ag-guys has LiquiNolva- (tamoxifen citrate) 30ml @ 25mg/ml. My math and understanding of liquid measurement is poor to say the least. I am starting 10 weeks of test prop with winstrol about half way through. I just finished my first 10 week cycle of Deca.

    How much of the liquiNolva will i need to complete a 4-6 weeks PCT cycle?

    I have tried to decipher a lot of post via search, I knew I should have paid more attention in chemistry, i have a hard time understanding a lot of it. The people I speak to at the gym no less than me.

    newbie, be gentle
    5'8 160 minimal body fat (not sure percentage)
    goals are to increase mass with test, then shred down with winny, then to get my balls back to their normal size (not sure of this part)
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    Hazcat Guest


    You already know with 30 ml's you can get your 4 weeks out of it. .8 ml will get you close to 20 mg's. Or you can just take 1 ml and get 25 mg's for 30 days.

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    Good man Haz that is the answer right there. 1ml = 25mg so take 1ml every day for 30 days.

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