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Thread: Board Rules And Other Information

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    Default Board Rules And Other Information

    In the past there has been a great many of our members blasting new people that post up information that is considered an easy target. In attempt to retain new members we are asking that you allow moderators to reply to these type of posts. Members that feel they can restrain from ridiculing new members and post something helpful are also encouraged to reply. We need to all remember that none of us were born with this knowledge and we all had to learn somewhere. The focus and intent of this board is to educate and help people to safely achieve their goals, not hurt them. Any flaming of new members will be dealt with by admin. This is in no way a punishment for past practices by members but rather an attempt to improve the board from this point forward. With your assistance, it is our intent to set isteroids apart from other boards and deliver standards that are unparalleled by anyone. In short, let's all work together to make everyone feel welcome and make our board better for us all.

    Your Moderator Team


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    Default Forum rules

    Do not post, PM or e-mail moderators or other members asking for a steroid source. Do not ask for a source check {i.e., "Is *steroid site* a scam?" or "Has anyone ordered from *steroid site* and are they good to go?"}.

    Do not post or PM other members discussing sources. When you are caught, you will be banned immediately.

    Don't talk about shipping EVER.

    Don't talk about or name your source. We talk about steroids and cycles not where they come from or how they get here.

    Similarly, do not post prices for any illegal substances.

    For your own safety, NEVER buy from anyone who uses the PM system to solicit business. Let one of the moderators know if a source PM’s you so we can take care of the issue.

    If you are a source, don’t bother posting for business, it is against the board’s policy and you will be banned with no warning.

    No promoting other sites (either openly or via PM) unless you've gotten prior approval from the staff.

    No links , URLS, or e-mail address in signatures.

    No airing of personal beefs. If you have a continued problem with another forum member, please take it to PM's or ignore them. Please use the ignore feature when applicable.

    If you’re new to the site, introduce yourself in the Introductions Forum.

    Visit the Chat Forum here for some great conversation and to get to know other members better.

    Ask questions, read, make friends, post often, and support our site by visiting our sponsors.

    Be respectful of staff and fellow members at all times. Joking is fine, but flaming, insulting or arguing over differing opinions will not be tolerated. As this board continues to grow, we will have members from all walks of life and parts of the world. Any derogatory comments regarding another forum member's ethnicity, religion, sexual preference, gender, or age will not be tolerated.

    No flaming. Flaming is considered any sort of personal attack on a fellow forum member. If any forum member feels that the line between friendly banter and a personal attack has been crossed, notify a moderator and the thread will be promptly locked or removed.

    If you have a problem, PM a moderator so it can be resolved

    Remember, this board is a community of people with one thing in common, and it takes all of us working together to keep it a safe and enjoyable place to be.
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    Default Thinking about using Steroids?

    Thinking about using steroids but don't know how or whether it is safe? You used google to search the web and ended up here? Ask us your questions and we'll try to inform you and help you make the best choices.

    Post your age, height, weight, approx bodyfat percent, workout history and your goals, and briefly tell us your situation and we'll try to help.


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    Default Useful Things To Remember Here At Isteroids

    1.) 1 stone = 14 pounds

    2.) 1 cc = 1 ml

    3.) People from all over the world visit I.S from many different cultures. Keep an open mind.

    4.) Sponsors really are good! Seriously... Stop asking. Oh.. and when you finally do place your order, don't come back on here and discuss packaging details. You'll leave quicker than you came.

    5.) Similarly, this is a steroid forum, not the post office. We do not discuss shipping times/methods/delays/country of origin. If you have issues with shipping or delivery, take it up with the sender!

    6.) If you plan on posting here, read over old threads. You may find your answers.

    7.) Nobody will ever say an oral only cycle is ok.. no matter what your circumstances are.

    8.) Under 23? Chances are you won't get much advice. You don't need steroids yet. Diet and training is where you need to focus if you are under this age.

    9.) Your diet is in check? I doubt it. Post it up and let us have a look. And don't leave anything out. Put it all!

    10.) When you hear us say "Research is key", we mean it. We don't mean, however, by reading one thread on Trenbolone [for example] and calling it quits. Read until you think you have read enough... then read more.

    11.) You are ready to cycle, but don't know what "PCT", "Serm", or "AI's" are. Then.. no.. you aren't ready to cycle. You absolutely must know what those 3 terms mean and where they come into play.

    12.) DO NOT publicly ask questions to board sponsors. Send them a PM, send a support ticket, or get a hold of them some other way.

    13.) Want to lose weight and aren't sure which steroids are right for you? NONE. Diet is for losing weight. Steroids are for building muscle.
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    Default Default N00b's .. Beginner anabolic steroid use article..


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    Default Steroid Injection Guide (with pictures)

    Steroid Injection Guide (with pictures)


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    For those who are new to the whole Steroid world. If you get a PM from a so called steroid source wanting to sell you gear via the Private message system on Isteroids you better think twice. All scammers will send you a Pm with a e-mail address. Once you e-mail them they will send you a price list, and send you payment details. 99% of the scammers will give you a test question, and answer. The test question is a option Western Union Provides so the person that is picking up YOUR funds does not have to show photo ID. Scammers love this option because they can steal your cash completly anonymous.

    So if you get a Private Message out of the blue from some person you do not know, you better think twice. You will end up with a lighter wallet and nothing to show for it. A real source will never PM you solicting business. If anyone is trying to sell you gear via the PM system contact any Moderator or Admin staff so we can take immediate action. Doing this can help save your fellow new bro's a lot of money.

    You Can PM Me, Admin Rat, or other mods.

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