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Thread: First cycle help

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    yea ignore of the most knowledgable, experienced, and helpful people on this forum. id ignore dyna*****... judging from his posts he knows very little. haz got you pointed in the right direction

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    hazcat thanks for the advice ill wait till im about 23 or so for my first cycle...hopefully youll still be around this web forum for that to happen so you can help set it up and stuff thanks again...

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    Hazcat Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by lmno20 View Post
    hazcat thanks for the advice ill wait till im about 23 or so for my first cycle...hopefully youll still be around this web forum for that to happen so you can help set it up and stuff thanks again...
    I think you're making a wise decision. I still think we need to work on some nutrition and weight lifting. At 6'2" theres no reason you can't weigh around 190 pounds naturally. That means something is screwed up.

    Diet/nutrition is always the first place to start. Even if you were to do steroids you have to be eating enough. Get a free account at and plug in everything you eat in there every day. It will calculate your caloric intake and it will break it down into your macro nutrients...carbs, proteins, and fats. This is invaluable information for you. Armed with this knowledge you can post it up here or in the diet and nutrition forum where some very knowledeable people can make adjustments for you. I believe you'll gain 10 pounds faster than you can believe with a new diet. This will turn out to be your major cure.

    Next go into the training forum and post up your workouts and let them have a go at your work outs to see if there is something we can add or take away for you to get stronger and add some mass to your frame. I'll throw up another post here with some examples but make sure you get a diet and workout tailored to fit your situation.


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    Hazcat Guest


    Now these are some samples and not all are complete. Just some ideas. I am just copying them from another post and pasting them in here.

    Sicky’s Advice

    This is a routine I currently have a young client on. I tried to keep close to 20 sets per workout day. All the rep ranges are pretty much the same except legs. I'm a big believer in higher rep ranges to stimulate leg growth. Keep your weights as heavy as you can while keeping good form. Remember to warm up and stretch before each workout and stretch again after the workout.
    DAY 1
    4 sets DB Shoulder Press: 6-10 reps
    4 sets DB side laterals: 6-10 reps
    4 sets DB rear delts: 6-10 reps
    4 sets behind the back BB shrugs: 6-10 reps
    4 sets DB Shrugs: 6-10 reps
    4 sets of seated calf press: 15-20 reps
    4 sets of standing calf raises 12-15 reps
    DAY 2 – Off
    DAY 3
    4 sets wide grip (just outside of your shoulder width) pulldowns : 6-10 reps
    4 sets bent over BB rows: 6-10 reps
    4 sets bent over DB rows: 6-10 reps
    4 sets reverse grip EZ bar curls: 6-10 reps
    4 sets DB hammer curls: 6-10 reps
    DAY 4
    Quads (use this order for pre-exhaustion of the quads b/c doing squats first would exhaust the lower back before the quads get good stimulation)
    4 sets of leg of extensions: 12-15 reps
    4 sets of leg press: 12-15 reps
    4 sets of squats: 12-15reps
    4 sets of leg curls: 12-15 reps
    4 sets of stiff leg dead lifts: 12-15 reps
    DAY 5
    4 sets of incline DB press (less than a 45* angle…use 30* angle or so if an adjustable bench): 6-10 reps
    4 sets of flat bench DB press: 6-10 reps
    4 sets of chest dips (leaning forward): until failure on each set
    4 sets of close grip bench press: 6-10 reps
    4 sets of Rope pushdown: 6-10 reps
    Ab work on an ab machine for the sake of simplicity at this point
    DAY 6-7 Off
    You can rearrange the days if need be. Also as Haz said, get your food intake straight + running less should be enough for you to gain alone.
    Edit: For your diet.....since I don't know what you eat, right now I would say try to shoot for about 4,000 calories per day and 1-2 grams of protein per pound of body weight. Try eating something every 2-3 hours and get in 6-8 meals per day. Chicken, steak, tuna, organic peanut butter, almonds, peanuts, etc are all good foods. Take a multi-vitamin, creatine, protein shakes, no alcohol , and stay hydrated with water.

    ParaMuscle made this for Irishthunder

    Here's an example of Irish Thunder's cycle log. Now he weighs 200 pounds. I believe para set this workout up for him. I just want you to get a look at what it takes to grow. This is true if taking steroids or not.
    Day 1: Chest and Bi's
    Warm up
    4-6 sets of seated presses starting out lighter and moving up to heavy, keep the reps on the last few sets under 10 and let that guide you.
    When you are resting from the seated press, do some dumbbell curls and keep the guidelines the same....
    Incline bench gives you size and this is why I always like to start here and there is no need to go back down in weight, you are already warm.
    4-6 sets of 8-10 reps ......... while resting between sets,
    4-6 sets of 8-10 reps ......... standing barbell curls (this should be heavy)
    We are going to assume that all the rep and set counts are about the same......
    Flat bench and while resting, preacher curls
    Decline bench and while resting, hammer curls
    Dumbbell fly's and while resting, cable curls (I usually Pyramid these)
    I always go back and do another 4-5 sets on the seated press and this time I go lighter and focus on form as my main goal.........and I mix in some isolation curls.
    Cool down with some abs..............
    Day 2: Back and Tris.........
    Assume the same counts for everything
    Warm up with stretching............and some light press downs for the tris
    Wide grip pull-ups behind the neck, heavy press downs for the tris
    Wide grip pull downs to the front, Close grip reverse bench
    Seated Rows, Skull crushers
    T-bar rows, Dumbbells isolation behind the neck
    I got disk problems so I don't do any dealifts or low back shite but I would think some light stuff would be wonderful

    Day 3: Legs and Shoulders
    I warm up with Leg Extensions and mix that in with some dumbell raises for the shoulders. I have had one shoulder operation so this warm up is `rucial for me.
    Squats mixed in with Military presses
    Leg presses with reverse fly's
    When I do laterals, I use a cable rack and I put the cable down low....I start with side laterals immediately go with fronts and then rears and I switch arms and never have to walk to another piece of equipment.
    Laterals and calf raises
    Leg curls and dumbbell presses
    Lunges and Heavy Barbell shrugs
    Also throw in some abs.............
    This is a rough sketch for a plan that I would use and you can modify it to suit you. You can make it dumbbells instead of barbells.........whatever. Just don't stop, keep moving and keep the intensity up..........After one cycle of this, repeat it until you die......"

    So this will be the workout I follow the only difference is I will be doing a ton of cardio as well and I mean a ton
    and diet will be this
    06:30am :
    10g of L-Glutamine and 5g BCAA 1 Hydroxycut
    2Pieces of toast

    07:00am :
    45 mins of gentle cardio (walking uphill, jogging slow, cycling)
    Then work
    07:45am :
    40g Whey Protein in water,
    40g Oats in water
    1 Cup green tea
    1 Small Grapefruit
    2 Pieces of toast (peanut butter no butter)
    2 Flaxseed oil Tabs
    100g Tuna in Olive Oil with a small salad (tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber)
    Handful of Almonds
    75g whole meal pasta or brown rice
    150g chicken breast or 150g lean beef
    Loads of vegetables
    Some fish oils (O3 epa,dha)
    1 Cup green tea
    1 Cup green tea
    1 Large Chicken Breast
    3 Slices Whole meal bread
    05:00pm: Training (weights)
    1 Cup green tea
    40g Whey in water
    20g maltodextrin
    Vitamin C
    100g Mackerel or Salmon or halibut
    100g Vegetables
    1 Tablespoon Peanut Butter
    1 Hydroxy cut
    200g cottage cheese
    25g Almonds
    1Tab of melatonin
    1Tab Hydroxycut

    what I will be adding to this diet will be my daily multi vitamin, creatine, more whey protein,
    ht: 5’9
    wt: 200 lbs
    experience: 7 or 8 yrs
    Sex: male obviously
    goals: To make gains in strength and size and be healthier…and look better… and as para so eloquently noted “If you want to be eat, lift, and live.........BIG”
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    Hazcat Guest



    Vienna Oak:

    Here is a page from my last bulker... and is typical. I went from 174 to 201 eating like this. I put on a little more fat than I would've liked, but for your purposes (you aren't competing and just want to look good, I'd say better to err on the side of too much than too little).
    Meal 1 - 4 egg whites, 1 egg yolk, 1 large banana, 1 piece of wheat toast with penaut butter and tsp. of honey, 2 servings of cottage cheese with pineapple, coffee, 2 flax pills, multivitamin
    Meal 2 - 2 servings (scoops) desinger whey with 12 oz whole milk
    Meal 3 - 6 inch subway turkey, bacon, provolone, veggies, honey oat bread, bag of sun chips, 2 coch chip cookies, diet coke
    Meal 4 - 5 oz can of tuna, 2 servings low sodium wheat thins
    Meal 5(post-workout) - 5g creatine, 2 servings lemon-lime gatorade powder
    30 min later - 2 servings designer whey in 12 oz whole milk
    Meal 6 - 10oz eye of round steak, 1 sweet potato with butter, mesclun salad w/olive oil, tomato, cucumber, 1 piece of cherry cobbler
    Meal 7 (30 min b4 bed) - 8 oz whole milk, 1 zone bar (normally is larger... ie 4 egg whites, 1 yolk, cottage chesse, and dates... maybe toast w/peanut butter)

    As for the workout...
    I'd go for something simple such as 3 days/week. You should be able to handle that consistently w/o fail.
    Monday - chest/back
    Wed- shoulder/arms
    Fri - Legs
    I am a believer in less volume.
    Bench Press - 2 warmups, 1 set to failure (failure means you need a light spot to finish your last rep)
    Incline flyes - 1 warmup, 1 set to failure (failure means you can't do another full rep w/o poor form)
    Pulldowns - (I'm assuming you are too weak to get anything out of pullups, no offense, but best to work at pulldowns until you have the strength to benefit from pullups properly) - 2 warmup, 1 set to failure
    Deadlifts - 2 warmup, 1 set to failure
    DONE... that should take 45 min and you should be spnt

    Machine press - 2 warmup, 1 set to failure
    DB side laterals - 1 warmup, 1 set to failure
    Barbell curls - 2 warmup, 1 set to failure
    Incline DB curls - 1 warmup, 1 set to failure
    Tricep pressdown - 2 warmup 1 set to failure
    Skullcrusher - 1 warmup, 1 set to failure

    Squat - 2 warmup, 1 set to failure
    Leg ext - 1 warmup, 1 set to failure
    Hamstring curl - 2 warmup, 1 set to failure
    Standing Calf Raise - 2 warmup, 1 to failure
    On your weekday off days, you can add 30min on the treadmill and 15 minutes maximum ab work.
    I used a routine like this when I started in my teens... I was doing more sets, but with what I know now, I would do less and rest more! Try to add 5 lbs or so every week on your major movements. Bench Deadlift Squat Machine press.


    Here is part of my workout: I'll post up the rest later....
    #1 Pullups: As many as you can for 3 sets.
    #2 Wide grip lat pulldown:8-10 reps for 5 sets. Set 4 go Heavy! Set 5 go light and slow and make sure you squeeze your lats.
    #3 T-bar row: 8-10 reps for 4-5 sets. Last 2 sets do 3-5 reps of heavy weight. Cheat if you like but go HEAVY!
    #4 Deadlifts: 2 Warmup sets of light weight 3-5 reps; then 5 sets of 5 of medium/heavy weight. Last 2 sets do heavy weight 2-3 rep max. I usually end on my 1 rep max every time and add 5/10lbs every workout.
    #1 BB curl: 5 sets increasing weight 5-10lbs each set. 8-10 reps. Last 2 sets put nothing but 5s or 10s on each side. Do 8 reps, then take off a 5. Do another 8 reps then take off another 5. Do this until you are left with nothing but the bar. If you cannot do 5 reps, drop the weight early.
    #2 Skull crushers: Use the EZ bar. 4 sets 8-10reps elbows in, after rep 10 do 10 reps of bench press with EZ bar as a burnout.
    #3 Preacher curls: 4 sets of 8-10 reps. Set 4 do a drop set
    #4 Single DB Tricep extention 4 sets 6-10 reps
    #5 Streight bar cable curl 7 reps 1st half or contraction, 7 reps 2nd half of contraction only, 7 reps full motion. Do for 3 sets. 4th set do full motion burnout for as many reps as possible; dropping the weight until your at the top of the plates. (around 50-70 reps)
    #1 Flat Bench DB Press: 5 sets. Start with 12 reps. Move up the weight 5-10lbs every set until last set is 3-5 reps with help.
    #2 Incline Bench BB Press: 5 sets 10 reps.
    (If your upper chest is lacking you could pre-exhaust by doing 5 sets of incline smith machine 12-15 short reps using as wide of a grip as possible)
    #3 Weighted dips: 3 sets 10 reps
    #4 Incline Bench Cable Flyes: Set up a bench in the incline position between 2 cables. Set the cables to the bottom height. Do each rep 1 arm at a time, each rep hold at the top touching the other hand for 8 reps each, then do 5 reps using both arms until failure.

    Smiley’s workout and diet for Oatmeal

    This is the routine I gave to Oatmeal little while back.
    5 day a weeks sound good to me, Chest on it own, legs on their own, back on it's own, arms and abbs.
    Flat BB press the meat and potatoe mass builder in my book, 5 sets working up to 2-4 reps so going up in weight each set starting at no more than 10 reps and put in a couple of warm ups.
    Inc DB press 4 sets of 4-10 reps with the smallest reps nearer the end.
    Inc cable flies, put the cables at the bottom of the machine and reach up with your arms extend them fully then put a small bend in them with your elbow then lock them in that position, now do sets of about 10 reps comming down low and crossing well over at the top. 4 sets of this also
    then your done
    Squats it is my preference to do high reps but squats are difficult to achieve this on as you tend to use back and glutes more in high reps.
    4 sets 15,12,10,8 going up in weight each time and concentrating on keeping the back straight and not working it too much
    leg press 5 sets of 25,22,20,18,15. lower the back rest a fair bit and concentrate on getting the sled low (a full range of motion)
    Stiff leg dead lifts. 4 sets going fairly heavy here 12,10,8,6
    Barbell Straight Leg Deadlift
    Calf press in the 45 degree leg press, 4 sets of 15 toes out 15 toes in no rest in between these.
    (Lower) "Rack pulls" put the bar in a rack as though you are going to do bent over rows and set it just below your knee in the soft spot there. Now with a straight back pull it from there as if you are doing a deadlift and remember to straighten you back full and throw you shoulders back and chest out and back to the start position but don't let it rest(that will sort out you back a little believe me.) 4 sets of reps between 4-5 and 10 going up with every additional set.
    chins or pull downs 4 sets or as many chins as you can do if more than 10 add a little weight note not under handed grip.
    Weighted Chin-up
    Now lying rows 4 sets or 8-12 reps like this
    Cambered Bar Lying Row
    Finish with 4 sets of BD rows working up in weight and down in reps 12,10,8,6
    Dumbbell Bent-over Row
    5 sets B bell or D Bell presses to the front or the back depending on your level of comfort and your equipment you have there.
    3-4 sets of PCP (partial clean and press) Start with the barbell hanging from your arms medium wide grip, and then do an upright row but at the top flick it over. From there press it up over the head then back down in the same two step movement.
    Arms and abbs (easier day)
    Inc db curl 4 sets of 12,1,8,6
    Dumbbell Incline Curl
    standing pulley curl straight bar 4 sets of 10,8,8,6
    Lying tricep extn not the same as scull crushers let the weight gently touch the bech behind you 4 sets of 12,10,8,8 a little like this.
    Barbell Lying Triceps Extension
    Close grip becnch press 3 sets of 10,8,6
    Barbell Close Grip Bench Press
    single arm pull downs 3 sets of 12,10,10
    Cable One Arm Pushdown
    Hanging leg raise 3 sets to what ever reps
    Weighted Hanging Straight Leg-Hip Raise
    Incline twist and crunch 3 sets to failure
    Weighted Incline Twisting Crunch
    Side twist crunch like these but keep the tension on the abbs they are comming back to far, 3 sets to failure
    Weighted Twisting Crunch

    Diet as we know is a major factor in gains but I'm no advocate of putting fat on for the sake of getting heavier but I expect some fat gain as being necessary.
    Please note Oat that I'm not sure of the foods you like and dislike so I will just post up what I think you should eat and we can change it from here because of preferences.
    Breakfast one cup of oatmeal with 2 scoops of protein powder (I have this mixed in cold not cooked) 2 eggs poached on toast if you have the appetite.
    M/Tea = mid morning
    tuna, 2 tins and a serve of rice about 1 cup
    2 big sandwiches on whole wheat bread with chicken, turkey, roast beef, etc and salad with vegies, plus a piece of fruit.
    A/Tea = mid afternoon
    Protein shake plus oats (like breakfast) again with a couple of whole boiled eggs like breakfast.
    meat of your choice, generous helping. Vegies at least 3 types and carbs potatoes rice etc leave the bread now.

    A smaller amount of chicken or meat plus a protein shake
    Snack on fruit if hungry and take omega three's every day.
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    Its been a year since ive posted the last one and im still doing alot of cardio for boxing. My ametuer record is now 5-3 im glad i havnt done roids yet but im still interested...Do you think it will be safe to do some HGH at age 21??

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    Hazcat Guest


    That would be an option....or some of the peptides. 5-3 is alright. Personally, I've never been beat. Of course I've never stepped in the ring so that could be why. Read up on anavar over the next year and get back to us. Anavar and boxing might make a good marriage. You shouldn't put on weight but your strength should increase. It even has a tendency to reduce appetite in some users so you'll make weight without much trouble.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hazcat View Post
    It comes down to what you already have in your pocket. Right now at the age of 19 you have a great deal of natural testosterone coursing through your system. This makes me wonder why you're turning to steroids at this age. You should be growing right now if your nutrition is right and your training is right. Too many people mask underlying problems with steroids. Steroids are hard on your body and that's the honest truth. You want to run them low and infrequently. You also only have one first cycle so don't screw it up. The first cycle will give you the most gains if your nutrition and training are spot on.

    With all the testosterone in your system it's like you're on a cycle all the time. When you introduce oral and injectable steroids into your body it will shutdown that plentiful natural testosterone that you normally produce. Not everyone gets that back when their cycle ends. Each cycle has a tendency to drop your natural testosterone even more. The normal recommendation is the wait until your 23 before running steroids.

    I've been around long enough to know that not everyone will listen to rational advice. You want it now and you're not going to wait. I don't have a problem with helping you with how to run a cycle right but you have to do your part and that is to do it responsibly. first off you have to get your nutrition layed out and eat correctly. Eating poorly will start you down the road to heart disease, high blood pressure,and poor gains. Second, you have to train correctly. The training forum will help you with setting up your training splits. You should have a couple of years lifting under your belt so the strength increases you gain on steroids don't cause injuries that will ruin your cycle and may plague you the rest of your lift. Third....You can't skimp on ancillaries which are products for side effects that occur and products you use post cycle to attempt to regain your natural testosterone production. @uestions?
    Great post Haz..................................
    -190lbs an rising
    -max bench press to date= 390lbs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dynabolt View Post
    haz is the gun, ignore him and good luck to you buddy`
    ignore this clown......sum ppl jus have to hate bec. they arent the gun...haha
    -190lbs an rising
    -max bench press to date= 390lbs

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