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Thread: Girlfriend worried about acne

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    Quote Originally Posted by hazcat View Post
    DD your answers to this question is like asking the best way to make bbq sauce. They'll be all over the place.
    True, many ways to tackle the problem. Just take different suggestions that you like and run with them.

    Quote Originally Posted by anthony roberts View Post
    It's not scientific, but yes, that's a good general rule. Generally, people who had skin problems during puberty will have them on a cycle. People who can handle large amounts of alcohol also seem more able to handle large amounts of steroids...again, this isn't scientific, but it's usually a decent rule.
    Based on experiences and what I've seen, I agree with this.

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    Hazcat Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by brodye View Post
    Haz, I never said if you had acne as a teen you would have it on cycle.
    Hey man, I wasn't pointing at your post. Just flowing along with some thioughts. I don't disagree with anyone on this thread. Sicky said it...too many variables.'s all good.

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    This maybe a little premature if you like but i took my first jab the other day and it ay just be coinceadence but i appeared to have 2 spots lol on my face if its down the to roids will it break out this quickly? I have never in my life and i mean ever experiance acne.

    Also id like to point out ive used this thread because Haz told me in a thread not to use other threads if theres ones available

    Thanks guys
    There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness".

    On Cycle

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    Speaking for myself the biggest problem acne wise was when I tried Anadrol. One week in and got a huge explosion of acne on my back, shoulders and tris. So i stopped it straight away and took quite a while for it to clear up. On my last cycle of tren-test-dbol. Some acne popped up in same places as above but in the second week of PCT.

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    I dont get any acne during the cycle, but during pct i break out like crazy. I'm on pct now and it fukin sucks, its not bad on my face but my back is terrible. its pretty embarrassing goin out to the pool, i feel like im goin thru a second puberty

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    I used to have bad acne when I was younger but I don't get it now on or off cycle so I guess you are going to have to see..........
    If you aren't gaining weight on your current diet, how do you expect to gain weight on roids?

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