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Thread: Tren sides....what are they?

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    Default Tren sides....what are they?

    I read all the time, that only people with quite a bit of cycles under their belts should use tren...because of the sides.

    Yet I never see to many sides mentioned in any profiles anywhere.
    I might consider tren for a near-future cycle, but I would like people to tell me what these sides are.

    Anyone with tren experience, I would LOVE your input, for sides you have had and even sides you have heard of people having.


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    i've taken trenn 100 and sust 250 this past summer... I got HUGE gains, im talkin about 50lbs in 4 months... cimpliment galore from every chick i past..haha girl didn't like it... BUT THE DOWN SIDE of what happen to me:
    Tren Cough
    Up all night
    .... if u ask me i think it was well worth it, cuz i look great from what i use to look like... But just prepare urself with a good PCT which u would have to ask someone else cuz i had a terrible PCT...(didin't have one) and now i have no balls.. and my gains are almost all gone after only 1 month of being offf... so i learned from my mistake.. but i would def reocmend TREN, for a BULK cycle... my bench improvement was rediculous...

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    how long does the cough last.... and how did u correct the insomnia?

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    The cough lasted for about a good solid 5-8minutes... feels like pressure on ur chest, u cant take deep breaths, and ur mother freaks out.. i usually drink a cup of water,(i know bad wen coughin) but it feels good goin down and i guess it helped me...

    When i was stayin up all night it was only in the beginning n the cycle, it seemed like my body was gettin adjusted to it, and finally got use to it and jsut started sleeping right again.. The cough startd at the end of the cycle, friends would talk about it but i never gottin it... Then i finally got it twice back to back seconds after the shot... The needle would still be in me when i would feel the cough comming thats how quick it was...DOnt panic, walk around hands over head and relax.. its a good 5-8min .. but jsut relax...

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    That can't be all.....
    a cough and a little insomnia??

    Anyone else?

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    Default Grrrrrrr

    Bro ive been on Tren Ace 75mg eod for 7wks know and ive had CRAZY GAINS, but also with a really BAD timper the stuff makes u feal nuts (every time I use it) so be prepared 4 that. And if you value your SEX life use it with test. AND DONT FORGET PCT................

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    well...that kinda sux.
    I can't stand a compound that makes me feel too aggressive.
    I'm a bit of an asshole as it is.

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    ive heard that when using trenbolone enanthate you usually dont get the cough.

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    Hey, Dash... I was on Tren e for an amount of time I won't mention. It was a while.

    Don't run it past 7 weeks straight.

    Sides? Headaches... high BP......insomnia......elevated liver values.... the beginnings of renal failure....

    The Dr. was not impressed with my blood work, needless to say.

    Don't go over 7 weeks.

    Godfatha ran it on and off... plus he's just coming off, so we'll see how much he retains..... I have a bet with myself how much.... LOL...
    We don't always get what we want.......

    But we eventually get what we deserve........

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