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Thread: length of HCG use

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    Default length of HCG use

    Im about to come off my cycle and start PCT. Ive been hitting the hcg at 250iu/2x wk. My boys are hanging well. Should I keep running the hcg during the time between cycle and pct or should I stop after the last wk of cycle? Im familiar with running it after the cycle for pct, but this time ive been using it while on the cycle and just not sure when to cut it out or if it really matters.
    The cycle has been test and eq for 12 wks with tbol on the front end for 3wks and winstrol on the back end for 7wks. thanks.
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    Gidday, well you need to get of the Hcg in the last week of your cycle and run PCT then, you estrogen levels should be fairly well low due to the Winstrol in there.
    Don't run HCG when not on cycle.
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    If you can run the winstrol by itself for three weeks befor starting pct, Do
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