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Thread: Coming off cycle (mental aspect)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Celtic Beast View Post
    That's some high quality philosophy SYL. I did a thesis on the philosophy of death back in my college days and you just summarised it in one line.
    Ha ha. As you know, my death doesn't allow the the luxury of inefficiency. I don't know how much time I have, but it's not enough. I've learned to try and make my acts count.

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    It's different for different folks. I just finished PCT and the only thing I notice is that I am less puffy and get about 1/4 as many boners. My weights in the gym are staying steady instead of going up.

    Maybe I am lucky or I'm not cycling heavy enough, but I've never experienced anything resembling a "crash".

    Age: 27
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    I really like MG and SYL's posts in this thread . Rep'd MG for it....SYL, why don't you have the little reputation thing on your post for me to rep you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sicky View Post
    ....SYL, why don't you have the little reputation thing on your post for me to rep you?
    I don't know. Those scales disappeared long ago. But I appreciate the thought Sicky. And I'm glad you liked the post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by millenium girl View Post
    Even though steroids are not addictive, your body gets used to their effects. You're stronger, you recover more quickly, your muscles are pumped, you're euphoric, you think that there is no weight too heavy for you to push. Then, at the end of the cycle, you start thinking .. and there come the problems. You don't lose that strength from one day to the other, you are still strong, you can still push heavy but in your mind, it's dfferent.

    Let me share my experience with you. I ran a cycle months ago before my holiday in Louisiana: I wanted to look ripped and muscular, in a word, I wanted to be at my best. I trained hard, ate well, focused on every aspect of that cycle but didn't get the results that I had expected. I realized that maybe I didn't need the steroids and when I got back home after 3 weeks without training, I went back to the gym with a new motivation and ... guess what? After a couple of weeks, I was back where I left. I don't take anything and I'm still as strong as I was when on cycle. Nothing has changed.

    I'm depressed but only b/c my life is a big mess, not b/c I need those chemicals in my body.

    Hang in there, keep working out, you're still just as strong as before and you still look just as great as a few days ago. nothing will change the way you train, the way you look, as long as you keep hitting the iron!
    Quote Originally Posted by StrappingYoungLad View Post
    Anytime you lose something you identify with, whether it's being big and strong, or your gf, or whatever... It's tough. Cuz you think that thing is who or what you are. It's like you die a little death in a way. All I can say is to realize that's there's more to life, and to who you are. The main thing to gain from training is discipline, and the challenge of doing your absolute best and pushing beyond your limits. Juice is a tool, but it's not the only one. It's not even really the main one. I consider my Death to be my wisest adviser and when i feel that my life is falling apart, I turn to my Death and ask if this is so. My Death has always answered, "No. Nothing matters outside my touch, and I haven't touched you yet." Helps me put things in their proper perspective.
    Some of the best posts I've ever seen. We have a good thing here at IS, and it's the people that make the difference.
    I've found that the more strong the androgenicity of a compound, the more depressing it is to come off. AAS DOES directly affect the most primitive parts of the brain, increasing motivation, mental focus and concentration, as well as self confidence. Even tho i've kept most of my gains, I feel weaker regardless. Also confused, and a little tired. I must state however that AAS does not directly affect serotonin, or dopamine in the pleasure centers of the brain, further reinforcing an already addictive personality. But one can certainly go south by abusing AAS.
    When I pop my zits, You can smell GSO.

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    Vicktor Frankl would be proud of you all.

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    You are not your Khakis you are not your mercedes, gentleman welcome to fight club.

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    its weird the first cycle I did I was afraid to come off, even though I was big before the cycle there was no comparing the feeling (both in everyday life and in the gym). I pretty much trained the next couple months after that only focussing on my next cycle, after my second cycle I kind of just accepted that I wasn't going to be like I was when I was on.... with that in mind I'm about to start another cycle in a month (got my stuff just waiting to cut more pounds) and I cant wait. I'm just thankful that all of us here are smart, I have a gym buddy that is deadly afraid to come off, and he cruises in between cycles. He is abusing steroids for sure. I guess thats the moral of this thread is our will power that even though we don't want to come off we are all educated and responsible enough to come off

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    it's definately about will power.. and like you mentioned, one thing that DEFINATELY helps me is planning my next cycle.. Knowing that I'm gonna do another in a few months helps me to push on through the pschological aspect of it all..

    That however is just an example of one of the things that I use for motivation to stay in the gym..

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    i actaully feel relieved to come off cycle. i spend most the time worrying about if injection sites might be infected, if i'll get an unexpected call from the doping testers and the constant sexual frustration from test. i also dont miss the seriously wierd dreams i have. i mean its wierd what you can find arousing when ur taking testosterone.
    24yrs old
    9% BF
    off cycle

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