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Thread: albuterol during PCT?

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    Thumbs up albuterol during PCT?

    well, i start my PCT today, nolva at 20mg ed for 4 weeks, i was on a fairly light cycle, 75mg test prop ed for 12 weeks, 20mg var ed the first 3. i used alb a few years ago while dieting down, and i remember it had a very mild anabolic effect for me, i happen to have some on hand, should i throw it in with my other PCT stuff, nolva, tribulus etc. just tryin to keep as much of my gains as i can, i only gained 11 pounds, but thats not too bad, considering i got a lot more cut than i was, dont know how much bf i lost, but at least from the mirror and my gf, it looks pretty signifacant.
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    I would wait until you cycle off.

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    Weird that it would have an anabolic effect for you.
    It isn't an anabolic drug at all. It aids in weight loss.

    If you are trying to keep gains, why would you take a drug that is primarily used by body-builders to aid in weight loss?

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    I would wait untill the end of your PCT and throw it in there, it does have an anabolic effect on some.
    If you aren't gaining weight on your current diet, how do you expect to gain weight on roids?

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    As long as you keep your protein intake high, you have nothing to fear regarding losing your muscle mass. As Smiley stated, why not wait until PCT is over to run albuterol and increase your cardio.

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