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Thread: need help!!

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    Default need help!!

    gday ladies & gents,,, i have been reading forums on this site for a while now and have come to understand that there are some very experienced and knowledgable bodybuilders, athletes and fitness people in general that use this site.. living in australia my general view that steroid use is much less in australia as is the information in general..

    im 6'2, 90 kilos, very athletic & ripped and would like to put on prob another 10 - 15 kilos,i train very hard 4-5 times a week & i eat very well but have a dynamite metabolism & just feel i need perhaps a cycle or 2?

    i have recently come across some oral steroids which i was told were anabol but not 100% sure?? theyre a pale green pill which has what looks like a snake with an arrow thru it? any ideas? if it were to be anabol what would be the best thing to stack with?

    sorry if i havnt put some type of information, i would really appreciate some type of feedback, cheers,,

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    Wats up man? From my experience, you want test too be the base of all your cycles. If you do just anadrol, Itll be hell on your liver and u wont want too run it for more than 4 to 6 weeks. I would run a 10 or 12 week of either test e or test c only cycle. Im sure that will get you wat u want. Dont forget your pct.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hardliner View Post

    weeks 1-12 TESOSTERONE CYPIONATE or ENANTHATE at 500mg per week
    weeks 1-4 DIANABOL (same thing as "D-BALL!") at 25mg every day. (optional)

    (begins on week 14, 2 weeks after last test shot)

    weeks 14-17 nolvadex at 20mg per day
    This is the general idea as I'm sure you're aware, having been reading the forums for awhile now. In addition to your cycle and training you should prolly eat 6 meals a day containing 50g protein each. More is okay. "Clean" carbohydrates and "good" fats as well. Eating is very important
    Food is the most anabolic "drug" there is.

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    SYL is quite correct... you can take all the steroids in the world, and if your diets not correct, forget it...

    Go to the diet and nutrition forum and cruise around a bit...lots of great info their.

    You didn't state your age, but if your under 30, you SHOULD be able to gain just by manipulating your diet.
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    If you do not know for sure what the little green pills are then i would not purchase or take them!!!

    There are other sources that will support your needs. Check out the sponsors of this forum. Continue to read about diets as that is huge. You will need about 1.5-2grams of protein per lb of body weight if you are hoping to gain. Most of this should come from solid foods and not just shakes.

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    Yes checkout the supersite for a start.
    If you aren't gaining weight on your current diet, how do you expect to gain weight on roids?

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