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Thread: Week 10 of Sus and Deca pics

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    Quote Originally Posted by md45 View Post
    you should stop the deca 2 weeks before you stop the sust to let it clear out of your system. than start the nolva 15-18 days after your last shot of sust
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    this thread is a year old.......

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    ok i know that this is a really old thread but im gonna put in my two cents here and i apologise beforehand if im gonna come across as being dickish but its my opnion and shouldnt be taken as gospel.

    Yes, gains of this 10 week cycle was decent but seriously i believe that in 10 weeks someone who was eating enough calories, getting enough rest and training hard could acheive these gains without the addition of AAS. For 500mg of sustanon, and 250mg of Deca, which is a decent amount of gear on a first cycle, id definately expect better gains. I say again this is just my opinion and i aplogise in advance if i have offended anyone.
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    Nice job Bro,

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    Garra I agree with you bro, it looked as tho he prolly could of made better natural gains
    b4 starting this cycle, from the look of the first picture I would say he hadn't been eating or working out right. Not trying to flame just my opinion.

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    very nice indeed! your back thickened up a lot in 10 weeks! im goin on my first ever sus & deca cycle soon, never touched roids in my life but if i see gains like that, then i will be happy

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    you must really like those boxers hahah

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    I agree with you Garra, you did sound a bit dickish, lol. Seriously though you are absolutely correct.
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    Geez dude, that is some impressive results. Just started my first course of Deca and Sus today. Taking 300mg Deca and 455mg Sus per week. Hoping for some good results. Will put up my results when done. Running 14 week course, Deca for 12weeks, Sus for 14weeks, then Nolvadex 15-18 days after last shot of Sus.

    I think his gains are very decent. Not everyone has genetics to get insanely big so quickly. I've been training hard for about 3.5 years - have gained 13.5kgs with just diet and hard gym. But man, it is hard work putting on any muscle (natuarally an ectomorph I reckon). Very excited to pump it crazy hard for the next 14 weeks and see what happens.
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