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Thread: First cycle log

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    Man I have been struggling, I lost the nolvadex after the first week and since then have lost 5 lbs. The only thing that is keeping my test up is the tribulus I have been taking.

    I think most of it is water weight but it still frustrates me, especially since my caloric intake is even more now then it was on cycle. My strength has gone down, that gnarly pump I use to get is completely gone. I am definitely doing inject next time with the dbol,

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    I thought with all the great information available on this site, you would have already read that oral only (a specially d-bol only) is a waste of money. You should have just spent that money on CLEAN food and protein, probably would have gained more maintainable muscle.
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    I thought you were having problems after not seeing any posts during your pct. Get some more nolva. I am actually getting more cut on nolva than my winstrol. The tribulus aint doin jack sh1t. Tribulus takes a month to kick in, and does nothing when you are suppressed from estrogen. How the heck you loose your nolva or ? Did you not have any? Your just losing water weight and the excess glycogen stored in your muscles from the bol.
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    i think your going to learn a lesson after this cycle... i have a close friend that did this exact same cycle, looked good while on it and now he has gyno on his left pec, his fatter that ever and scared shitless of steroids...

    any ways good luck man and next time don be so hard headed and listen... we are just trying to help you...

    and im really not trying to be a dick or anything but after watching those pics it does not look like you have 6 years of training behind you...
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    I know, I am definitely doing inject with dbol next cyc;e, either test c or e. I appreciate all the feedback guys, my pct isnt going that bad, I have not lost alot of muscle it is mainly what Idigit said.

    Lesson learned oral cycle only FOR ME is a bad idea.

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