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Thread: sick. stop cycle?

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    Default sick. stop cycle?

    my cycle
    test cyp: mon and thur-375 each day= 750mg per week.
    deca: mon and thur-200 each day=400mg per week.
    tren enanthate:200 once a week.
    hcg: 250 iu twice a week.

    im on my 7th week and been slowly getting sicker for a while now. i found out from the docs yesterday i have mono again. been 6 years since i had it flair up. i only have time to cycle once a year and barely enough time to maintain the mass for the rest of the time until winter rolls around again.

    i figure as long as i dont bust my spleen,eat enough and increase the weights at least once every third time i lift ill be ok to continue my cycle. im probably gonna do it unless i get extremely sick.
    anybody got any thoughts or suggestions?

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    Hazcat Guest


    Just trying to figure why you're running 950 mg's of test a week?

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    i didnt know i was.
    i dont understand how to add it up right evidently......
    does the tren make it 950? if it does then the 400 of deca doesnt make 1350 mg,s?? obviously i dont understand completely. would you care to teach me please?

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    Hazcat Guest


    I guess your not. I would have sworn that said test enanth. I stand corrected unless you changed it. Either way you're not. Keep going unless you feel really bad.

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    can i increase test to 950 or a 1000 and make better gains? drop the measely 200 of tren you think?
    thats one thing im not certain on. im not sure wether or not taking more test will bring more gains??? at the dose im at i have basicly no side-effects at all. that makes me worry.... all gear is from a-s

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    It all depends on how you feel. If you're too weak to work out, if you can't eat properly, you could put your cycle on hold until you feel better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by millenium girl View Post
    It all depends on how you feel. If you're too weak to work out, if you can't eat properly, you could put your cycle on hold until you feel better.
    QFT if your diet goes to shit..then it will be a wasted cycle. I would just hold off until your close to 100% again.

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    actually the prednisone antibiotic just kicked in. i can eat right now better than ever so ill keep the cycle goin as long as i can. only measurement i took before was arms. wish i had just taken the time to do more. arms went from 16 1/2 to 18inches now. ive only gained 9 lbs so far. i quit drinking and my belly is quite a bit smaller now so when i flex i can see my abs now. dont know what bodyfat % is though. i plan on going for about 16 weeks so im almost half way through. ive been sick twice now and i havent eaten very good so far. i plan to eat alot from here on out though,not worried bout gettin fat cuz i lose fat in a heartbeat anyway.

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    can i just point out that if your ill, tren is the last thing you want in your system. the bacteria are going to be kicking out lots of toxins into ur blood stream, this is whats making u feel crap. those toxins are either deactivated by the liver, or simply excreted by the kidneys. thing is trenbolone isnt metabolised at all by the liver. and is excreted as a whole hormone by the kidneys. this is what causes them to screw up, and the funky coloured urine. so atm ur kidneys are taking a hammering. add your high protein content diet to the equation, and your not going to have very happy kidenys.

    my suggestion would have been stopping the tren right now. ur only on 200mg/week so it would clear quite quick. and ull probs feel so much better for it.

    dont up ur doses while ur ill, or even after u feel uve recovered. the steroids cause a reduction in immune response efficiency. if you up the doses and compromise it more, you may get the same illness again.
    24yrs old
    9% BF
    off cycle

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    I agree with godsgift. I would drop the tren and keep running everything else as you have it dosed. Also, prednisone is not an antibiotic, its a cortico steroid that reduces inflamation. Use quite a bit for intestinal problems and joint issues. It is not real good to be on for long and causes weight gain in many, not in a good way. The aas may actually counteract some of the negative sides of prednisone.
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