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Thread: Does cold affect injection site pain...?

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    Default Does cold affect injection site pain...?

    Hi, i'm on my second cycle now of Test C, it's going great i went from 185 lbs to 218 on my first cycle. Went off for 10 weeks, maintained most of my weight at 212 took test booster as PCT. Had really good luck kept most of my results. I am about three weeks into my second cycle and am feeling great. The only thing is the first time the injection site barely hurt only a slight pain. This time it hurts for almost a week afterwords and gets to be a burning pain a couple days after i inject. Could just be different oil? not sure? I also wondered if the cold weather could be affecting it. It isn't really bad but when I do legs it is pretty painful sometimes, usually is anyway haha.

    Test C 500 mgs per week injecting twice a week.... 220 lbs already and feeling good other than the pain

    Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated....?

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    I don't think the cold has anything to do with it. It is probably the BA. I find that heating the oil with a hair dryer for 15-20 seconds before injecting helps. Also if your having pain with every injection you could use a heating pad after injecting the gently massage the area for a few minutes.
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    yea try not to inject to deep either. I had to go from 1.5 inch to 1.25 then to 1" cuzz i lost body fat. Felt better not going so deep into the glute.

    Where you put the juice id say has to do more with pain rather than the juice itself.

    I ran AS test prop un altered no problem. Even their Winstrol. No pain. I just mastered how to inject myself

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    I don't know why you would develop a burning sensation a few days after the fact. But it's not the weather. Sorry I can't add anything to what's already been said.

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    Thanks for the advice, i think i will try injecting less deep because i never tried that... and the first time around i had a lot more body fat too... Ill give it a try.

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    There's something that is very important that I don't often seen mentioned when doing IM injections and that's to completely relax the muscle that you're injecting. All weight should be taken off of the, glute, leg, or arm being injected. If it's the delt let your arm dangle and don't tighten it when you inject. It's tough not to because it's practically a reflex to jump in anticipation of the needle going in but this will cause a hard knot and pain where you inject. If you're injecting a glute, and in a standing position, place all your weight on the opposite leg and hang onto something to keep your balance. Let the leg dangle or barely touch your toe to the ground but be certain your glute is relaxed. When injecting the thigh you should sit down and bend your knee so that your thigh muscle is extended. This is one of the toughest muscles to keep relaxed when injecting. You'll find more vets that won't inject their quads because they are practically crippled by quad injects. You have to mentally prepare yourself and concentrate on not allowing the muscle to contract. It gets easier and easier as you practice this technique. You'll soon find you can inject anywhere and nearly pain free.

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    Awesome post Haz and often over looked.
    If you aren't gaining weight on your current diet, how do you expect to gain weight on roids?

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    Hazcat Guest


    Thank you...both of you. It's nice to hear from two people I respect so much. Thanks again.

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    good post Haz..I learned this the hard way when I was young and three nurses had to hold me down to give me a shot....I was freaked out.....and the end result was one week worth of painfully sore arm.

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    Good post Haz. Rep'd ya .

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