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Thread: new stack

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    Default new stack

    hypothetically i just started takin 1cc of fina and 1cc of cypionate every other day and im workin out pretty much everyday. i was told that fina will rip me up and help burn fat. im a lil over 20 lbs over weight. im tryin to loose the 20 lbs of fat and put muscle on at the same time. ive been through a bottle of each and really cant tell too much of a result. im followin a pretty strick diet and takin in a gram of protien per pound. i dunno im kinda worried im buyin bunk. any suggestions?

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    what does your diet look like? list everything you ate yesterday along with the time for each.

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    Hazcat Guest


    First off you shouldn't inject 1cc of test cyp every other day unless it's dosed at 100 mg's per cc. When you post up on a steroid use mg's instead of volume like ml or cc's. I could tell you I'm taking test every day at 100 cc's. If it's dosed .5 mg's it would be okay but at a normal amount that would be a dangerous amount.

    Now about what you're trying to do. We all want to put on muscle and lose fat but you really can't do either well at the same time. I used to work as a mechanic and we converted a fleet of cars to run on propane. A lot of discussion was given to making them capable of being a dual fuel vehicle. That's a car that could run on gas or propane. The thing is being dual fuel makes them run less efficient on either fuel. They both needs different timing adjustments along with other things. I'm taking a long road to suggest very strongly to do one or the other. Either work on cutting fat or on adding muscle but don't try to do both at the same time because your results will be less than expected for both.

    Losing fat is all about calories in versus calories out. That's simple enough but you have to find food that works for you. I find ketosis the easiest way to lose fat but there are healthier ways. Zone type of diets are very popular and healthy. Controlling the amount and type of carbs is step one. Controlling the amount and type of fats is step 2. Cardio is step three. I have no problem with you running a low dose of test in the background to help maintain the current muscle mass you carry while in a caloric deficit. It's a waste of money to stack anything when cutting. Steroids are for growth. It's very common for men to lose fat while running a cycle. If you notice this happening then you could be gaining more muscle mass while on cycle. If you're losing body fat while running a mass building cycle you are limiting your gains because you caloric intake is too low and you're starving your muscle building capability. When I bulk I want all the muscle I can get. I'm not happy with 10 or 15 pound gain. I'll risk adding a little body fat to assure I get my money's worth from the steroids I purchased with hard earned money. I know what higher doses and stacked steroids do to my health and I don't want to waste a pound of muscle I could be gaining by starving my muscle building capability.

    Choose what you want to do and do that. Losing your 20 pounds of body fat should be your first move. Then you can run a bulking cycle. If you want to run 300 mg's of test while cutting body fat then more power to ya. Locate a good source prior to purchasing. You don't want to have any doubt when purchasing steroids. If you want to know if what you have now is legit then have a blood test to check your testosterone level. If it's normal then you know you got scammed.

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    Default diet

    3 scrambled eggs made with skim milk, no salt, lil texas peat hot sauce, and a apple for breakfast
    2 scoops of protein
    2 turkey lettuce and cheese sandwitches with mustard, orange, low fat yogurt cup
    2 scoops of protein
    chicken breast, 2 cups of broc, 3 scrambled eggs
    1 scoop of protein
    3 scoops of protein
    im tryin to stay around 3000 cal. 1000 of which is in shakes

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