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    Ok, heres the skinny. I've looked far and wide and have only been able to come up with about 10 weeks of deca.
    I'm reluctant to spend the coin as Im not sure if this is a good idea or not.
    this will be my 1st cycle and i'm not entirely sure what to expect.
    The "nano" boys are all swearing by it but thy've been hitttin it for what seems like a long time.( they wernt to specific, my guess is they're stacking and only have the nano to spare).

    So, long story short, should I bother? Or am i wasting my coin being this is the 1st cycle?

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    1st cycle? Deca only? Bad idea, post your stats and we will try to help, age, height, weight, diet....etc

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    39 years.
    205 lbs.
    been really hitting the gym for about 8 months hard.not Seeing gains anymore.
    been eating roughly 3-4k calories a day with 2 protein shakes in the middle of a sensible diet.
    2 eggs and sausage in the morning.
    mediocre lunch, low fat.
    chicken breast/ steak/pork ****s for dinner.
    hell, i even eat my veggies.broccoli, damn i love that stuff.

    Ive looked at the banner ads guys, and you know what, im way to sceptical to order gear through the mail in the US. far as Im concerned, everything's a setup.
    So, it was off to my buddy and his brother.all they could spare was nano.

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    bah, 6 foot even btw

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    banners are great. forget the setup train of thinking just once. you'll be happy you did.

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    sort your diet out, and more than likely ur training, and you will see gains again.

    running deca isnt going to solve the underlying problems of why u aint gaining weight.
    24yrs old
    9% BF
    off cycle

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    I was under the impression my diet was pretty good, lotsa lowfat protein.not to heavy on the carbos..

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    If u run deca on its own say good bye too ur sex drive mate.

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    ok, and lets say i just puckered up for a week and did an order, how bout
    D-anabol 25
    Deca 200
    Tren 75.

    Christ, i'd be shitting my self blind waiting for a knock on the door.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ste View Post
    If u run deca on its own say good bye too ur sex drive mate.

    well fuck, that aint no good, the wife would kill my ass

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