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Thread: Anavar for fighters.

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    Hazcat Guest


    Test will give you good gains that you keep. You keep your gains by eating for the new muscle mass you just added. You can't finish a cycle and eat what you ate pre-cycle and expect to keep your gains. After the cycle you now have added muscle mass that you must feed to keep. That entails adding more protein in your diet to prevent muscle being broken down for body functions, a few more carbs to fuel those muscles, and a little more fat. Caloric intake for maintenance needs adjusted up slightly. Anavar will give strength but not much for mass gains. First time cyclers are steered toward testosterone due to how similiar it is to what you normally have in your body. We're also very familiar with it's side effects and have products to counteract unwanted side effects. Even more important testosterone first cycles are very effective on virgin receptors that have only been touched by natural testosterone. In your case I believe you could add some dbol to give you strength gains and some instant size while the testosterone ramps up in your body and starts delivering your lean mass gains. Finishing out with some winstrol while the testosterone ester clears would help clear out excess water gained while on cycle and keep you highly anabolic right up to post cycle therapy that will consist of a month or so of nolvadex. I will once again highly encourage the use of a low dose of hcg during your cycle to keep your testes from shrinking and ready for a quick recovery post cycle. How does that sound to you? The dbol can cause some serious pumps in your muscles if you're training MMA so another option would be the anavar if you'll be training long and hard. If you want to use anavar then you could use it up front and at the end or even throughout the entire cycle. What do you think? Others?
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    Quote Originally Posted by nick.v View Post
    120/day? why so high?
    ive had experience with 40mgs to 120 per day and personally think the effects at the lower dose are useless. ive heard of people running 200mg a day. gets expensive and can fuk up ur stomach after awhile tho

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    Hazcat Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Smiley View Post
    I would wonder if he needs a test prop cycle, it means pining every other day but lets not forget that.
    After rereading the thread I believe you have hit the mark for his first cycle. It shouldn't interfere with his training and it's straight forward with little else needed except pct which should also be a breeze. As always I suggest using hcg but this is another cycle that could probably be ran without it.

    Week 1-12 Test prop 100 mg's daily
    *Week 3-13 HCG 100 iu's daily or 250 iu's twice a week
    Week 13 14 Nolvadex 20 mg's daily
    Week 15-17 Nolvadex 10 mg's daily

    *(recommended but optional)

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    I like it Haz, looks good to me.
    If you aren't gaining weight on your current diet, how do you expect to gain weight on roids?

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    Is it realy a good beginners cycle? Remember that I have no prior experience with injecting myself, and I dont want to go around looking like a heroin addict. Regarding Josh1095's post, there is no way I would go on a dose 4-6times recomended daily with a liver toxic pill.. Dont care how good it is. Is there any good options to the test prop.? Dbol?

    Thanks for taking time guys,
    Best regards

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