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Thread: steriods and alcohol

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    The two together are exponentially more destructive on your body than either one alone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eclenbuterolrep View Post
    Alcohol also reduces Testosterone.
    It doesn't ''reduce'' it, it supresses the production of natural testosterone, but the levels rise up again in 24-48h, depending on the amount the person drank.

    On the cycle this is not important due to exogenous testosterone, but considering the health its very bad-in attacks the liver and improves further decay of the lipid profile.

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    drinking leeches nutrients stored in your body.

    the more you drink, the more get used up.

    SOOOOO, you could potentially ruin a whole week's worth of spot-on diet with a six pack, then have to build up for another week, so you're losing two weeks off your cycle.

    not worth it, IMO.

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