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Thread: Need help all around!

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    Smile Need help all around!

    Hello all! I am a new member but I have been reading here for about 6 months. A little about me. I'm 43 years old, 6'3", 257lbs. Body fat % unknown--TOO HIGH! Didn,t have that "middle aged" feeling until about 2 years ago when I lost my job and went back to school full time. In this time my has gone from 227 up to as high as 265. My waist size has increased about 4 inches,and my once 6-pack abs are long gone.I started to work out 7 months ago and I have seen a slow but steady progression. I was once considered a pretty good athlete and played 2 yearys of college football. Two shoulder surgeries ended that though. I need advice on just about everything(diet, workouts..etc). Please keep in mind that my shoulder workouts have to be limited due the previous surgeries. Over that past seven months I have managed to get back some of my old mass/tone,but the extra nast fat that I'm carrying around the waist isn't going away so easily. I want to get in shape, lose this extra weight,an eventually within the next year or so start my first cycle. Thank all of you for your advice!

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    Welcome to the forum. If you post up your stats, age, weight, height, years training, goals ect. in the diet section some of the gurus over there can help you out in that section, same goes for the training section. Most of us guys dont recommend doin a cycle till your bf% is 15% or lower, the key to weight loss and toning up is diet. Good Luck
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    hiya perazzi,welcome to IS, well here is a diet what i was given from the owner off my old gym, it is to lose fat,--breakfast : porridge or eggs ( scrambled, boiled etc) on wholemeal toast,
    mid-morning:-protein shake or bar or yoghurt or cottage cheese.
    lunch:-chicken or turkey or tuna salad, 1apple or banna.
    mid afternoon:-as mid-morning.
    evening meal:-chicken or turkey or fish (red meat twice a week) with any green vegetables plus carrots, 2or3 small boiled potatoes, with gravy or butter.
    Around 7.00pm:- as mid-morning.
    also once a week have a cheat day, roast dinner, bar chocolate, galss of wine etc, just dont go mad!!, hope this helps with the diet side, i'll let some1 else chip in with the training.....

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    Welcome to IS!!
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