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    Ok i have two buddys who r on test and both go to the doctor. One that is taking 200mg a week is on hrt and my other buddy is 52 and not on doc hrt but pretty much his own hrt goes from 200 to 400mg in cycles. Now both of them went to the doctor and the one on hrt only doing 200mg a week got told that his blood is to thick and his doc is taking him off hrt for a month. He is only supose to be taking 100mg a week. Now the other buddy went to his doc just for regular shit and they told him his blood was also a lil to thick. So my question is r these docs being to cautions. I havent really ever read anything about test making your blood that thick to be a danger like EQ or anything. What do you guys think. Also if you give blood regular will that help keep your blood from being so thick.

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    it's always a good idea to listen to the doctor on these cases, they've seen this before, they know whats going on.

    On the other hand, some doctors are overly cautious as to not get sued. This boils down to the client, they need to decide if thats the type of doctor they have for themselves.

    High blood pressure is a common side effect from steroids, it's a legitimate caution.
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    There is no reason to take him off his TRT. Yes steroids, especially test can raise you red blood count. I have this issue and my doctor just has me donate blood. I had not been on cycle for several months and mine was high. Taking him off TRT will not lower his red blood count. He will either have to be put on blood thinners or have blood drawn. I went to red cross and they have a machine that separates the red blood cells and pumps everything back in your system. They said this is the best way and is more beneficial to them as well. You just can't tell them your on steroids or they will not do it. I was told that they would probably take your blood for a fee if they knew but would not use it. The doctor said it does not effect the donated blood either way.
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    thanks for the info florida

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