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Thread: gyno/ nipple bump question

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    This is some info i had saved in my archives that SICKY had wrote..

    Unlike the vast majority of people who post about "preventing gyno", I've actually had it...twice. Once as a teen and once while using bunk PCT products while carrying a higher than average bodyfat for me . It's going to be trial and error for each person to find what works for them though. If use an AI (too much/too frequent dosing) and limit your estrogen too much your joints will hurt, you'll feel lethargic, suppress GH and IGF-1 levels, and lose libido. On the otherhand, too much estrogen from not using an AI at all will cause bloat ("weight gain" that you won't keep after a cycle anyway) and/or gyno. My opinion on AIs is that you should incorporate them into a cycle b/c you're preventing a problem (like gyno) rather than trying to fix it later after the problem arises. What if you get gyno then can't reverse it with Letrozole and/or Nolvadex? (maybe you got some bunk liquid stuff on your first attempt to fix? maybe it's too late to fix the second time around?) Surgery is the only real fix then which is much more expensive than taking an AI. Even if the Letrozole does work at reversing the gyno, you may be miserable during this time period dealing with the joint pains, total lack of libido, and all this other stuff I mentioned earlier from lowering your estrogen so much. So why not just avoid it all by using an AI to start off with?

    Two thumbs up for this one also Sicky..!
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    fair enough. last question (i ask alot as lol). are the bumps that everyone refers to right under the nipple (seperate from the muscle), or are they bumps attached to the muscle?

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