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Thread: When to start Arimidex??

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    Default When to start Arimidex??

    Most of us know to run Arimidex (or some other AI) during the cycle. But, when's the best time to start taking it....on the first day along with your first pin?....or a week or two in advance i order to minimize the already present estrogen in your body? The way I see it is your body already has estrogen circulating and when you start the juice, the estrogen is gonna start climbing immediately. Will the small doses (0.25mg E3D) be enough to combat enough of the increased estrogen to keep bad sides off?

    Does frontloading the Arimidex make any sense if I am frontloading the Test as well?

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    doesn't matter


    I'm not an expert, but I am prone to gyno. I start mine the first day and run it .25 e3d. That's just what works for me. You have to figure out what's best for you. Remember you don't want to eliminate too much estrogen, just prevent the sides. If you eliminate to much estrogen you will hinder some of your gains. RB
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    i always frontload with everything...gear and meds

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