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Thread: so back up for a sec on test do u gain fat or lose fat????

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    Default so back up for a sec on test do u gain fat or lose fat????

    test is known to reduce fat on the body....
    this is the jist of what you read on test profiles on any webpage...
    ofcourse among other great benefits of it...

    but then why does my waist get bigger while bulking on test cycle?? even tho my diet is kept clean? i just dont get it... im thinking well its not the test fault its my diet fault... but then i look into the diet and realise that it cant be since when on cycle i eat cleaner then off cycle... and yet.. after i complete a cycle i have a bigger waist??? (and bigger muscles lol)

    some might say well its a bulking cycle duh.... yes yes but my point is does test increase or decrease bodyfat?
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    Ive gained 20 pounds on my cycle, and my pants are falling off. Pants went from a 34 to a 32, so dont know why your waist is getting bigger. Body fat has been melting away, but there is some water retention.

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    On steroids or off it comes down to calories in versus calories burned. Reproportioning can occur as well.

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