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Thread: My first post!! Need help and advice on (Deca and winn)

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    Too much clen can give you the shakes.... and yes.. it'll work on the ladies.

    Its a great fat burner.... two weeks on.. two off... repeat.

    That along with the proper diet and cardio will get you slimmed down where a cycle will be effective on you.

    Now... get in the gym and train !!!
    We don't always get what we want.......

    But we eventually get what we deserve........

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    Quote Originally Posted by south beach seaweed View Post
    diet goes like this.

    egg whites or weight loss shake for breagfast.

    no lunch

    chicken breast baked with squash,broc,snow peas etc in stir fry for dinner at around 8pm after gym.

    yet maybe 1 to 0 lbs lost every 2 weeks.
    used to be a big drinker and got this solid beer belly and everyone says a cycle will suck it right out with my diet and workout.

    workout equals
    mon -friday
    300 calories cardio + 30 minutes sauna daily
    and for lifting i go
    mon chest
    teus bicep/tricep
    wednsday shoulders
    thursday back
    friday chest agan

    Yet i still lack weight loss.
    please help me cuz im gun ho to start taking winn asap but am worried bout side effects(sex problems,etc) i realy appreciate all your responses
    yeah bro....sorry to tell ya but that is one of the worst diets i have rat said get reading in the nutrition forum....when u think u have a decent diet plan post it up and we can help u with it if it needs tweaking.....also like rat said if u ran a cycle now u would for sure get fatter and possibly hurt urself or get get that nutrition in line and start training hard!!!
    -190lbs an rising
    -max bench press to date= 390lbs

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