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Thread: Cycle with a 10 day break ...

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    Default Cycle with a 10 day break ...

    Just wanted to ask everyone's opinion on this. First I'll give you my info.

    Training - 4x a week split *Chest/Tris, Back/Bis, Legs, Sholders and Abs
    Cardio - 20 minutes everyworkout *Should do more. Looking at HIIT for my next cycle
    Diet - Last cycle I did, I did the eat everything in sight diet *Trying to keep it clean, but ended up gaining 3-4%BF

    I did a first cycle. Very low. Dianabol (40) for wk1-4 and Test E (300) for 12 weeks. Very low, but I wanted to keep it low for my first time. No bad sides except acne on my forearms? Weird right?

    I want to do a second cycle. Looking for a little cutting this time. Although not opposed to bulking. I currently have
    Test Prop
    Test Cyp
    as well as all the ancillaries *Nolva, Clomid, etc.

    There is one more catch. I am going out of the country for 10 days in March. I do not want to carry anything with me through customs. I don't want to be arrested or anything.

    Does anyone here have advice on timing a cycle so I can either take something immediately before I depart and continue when I get back? Do I just wait until I get back in March? Is 10 days too much for my body?

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    wait until you get back ....

    therefore not worth interrupting a cycle ok?

    if you have these drugs in hand, will enjoy a bulk ...

    you just do not wear the clemb

    I think of something along those lines


    1-5 dbol 60mg per day
    1-12 test prop 200mg every other day
    1-11 test cyp 500mg wkd
    1-10 deca 250mg wkd
    1-13 Nolvadex 20mg per day
    14 clomid 200mg per day
    15-16 clomid 100mg per day


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    you would be fine with the deca and cyp to wait 10 days in between shots....not the other stuff

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    I'd wait. You always want to get the most out of your cycle. Wait till you can focus on it.
    We don't always get what we want.......

    But we eventually get what we deserve........

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