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Thread: how old are you?

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    Default how old are you?

    i've been reading that it is dangerous to start using steriods before the age of 25..just curious to see what age range there is on this board.

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    any substance is bad for you if not used correctly

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    True that MrOlympia

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    I used gear for the 1st time at age 27 even though i had the opportunity to do so much earlier. When your young your own natural testosterone is the most powerfull steroid available, and you want your body to produce that natural test for as long as possible and as efficiently as possile. I can truly say im glad i waited as long as i did, with determination and hard work you can get the results you wish to achive with out any AS.

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    yes people say that at 25 cuz in most males after the age of 25 your test levels have peaked and slowly start to drop

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    im 25 by the way

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    Why does this thread look like a college kids school project?

    It isn't that steroids are dangerous before you are 25 it's that typically one does not need them before then to see substantial muscle growth. At that age your natural test levels should be high. The older you get the lower your natural test levels go. It happens at different rates in different people and there are numerous causes such as body fat, medications and illness.

    Steroids are not dangerous if taken responsibly. This includes blood work and physical, education about how steroids affect your body, how they should be run (dose, duration, ancillary products) and other factors. The key is education and moderation.

    What makes steroid dangerous is the govenrment. By banning them and making it illegal for doctors to adminster them for muscle growth they force users to self medicate which often means there are no lab tests run or regular physical. It also forces users to buy from underground sources that may or may not follow the best practices for manufacture of a medical product. The source of the compounds/powders is often unknown and sometimes not even what they are said to be. If Unlce Sam stayed out of it then it would be much safer for everyone.

    There are issues to consider for people under 21 as their growth plates may not be closed. Taking steroids will cause them to close prematurely.

    For you poll though 43.
    The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The consumer comments and experiences relayed herein may not be typical. Your experience may vary.

    Disclaimer: The advice I provide is based on experience and/or research and should not be considered professional medical advice. It is best to confirm any potential use of a drug or possible medical condition with a licensed doctor.

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    Way over 35

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    I'm 34 1/2

    Take it easy. But if it's too easy, don't take it.
    Age: 34
    Height: 5'-9"
    Weight: 190 lbs
    BF%: 10

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    thanks for the responses. i'm 20 years old and am currently training to become a navy seal. mainly doing crossfit and alot of cardio. i wanted to use something that could chemically push my muscles to their limits. my friend has tren, clen and dbol. would these be a safe combo? or..should i just stick to diet and protein shakes? any recommendations for the shakes?

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