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Thread: suggestions ^^

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    Default suggestions ^^

    6.5 inchs
    14% bf
    29 yrs old
    training 2 years
    diet is in check 3200 calories /Ed.

    am thinking of doin 8 weeks cycle it will be my first sort of speaking ,am tired of heavy training with little gains ,well here goes my plan thought sharing it in case i got it wrong

    sustanon 250mg 15 amp
    twise/week max of 500mg/week

    Dinabole 200 pills
    25mg daily 6 days a week
    tapiring dose to 20-10 mg which will put me off steroid by the 6 weeks or less

    Branched amnio acide + Vit E
    to enhance test. effect

    Whey protien low fat
    1.5 scope 30 min before workout and 2 scopes afterward

    was thinking about adding amino acids but figured whey protien already furtified with essential amino acid so ..


    *nolvadix 50 pills
    taking 20mg in case needed and tapring the dose down to 10 mg after 10 days or so .
    some one told me i can take it during cycle twise every other day .

    *Clomid 200mg down to 50 mg at 2th week PCT for 4-6 weeks

    *6 HCG 250iu twise/weekly on the 5th week during cycle (over with HCG one week prior to PCT)

    am very conservative about the side effect but i guess have to push if i need the next level
    any advice/comment or suggestion is welcomed
    thanks for time you toke to read this
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    I would do that cycle like this myself

    1-8 Sust 500mg/week (Monday/Thursday)
    1-4 Dbol 40mg/Ed
    1-8 Arimdex .25 eod
    3-8 hcg 500iu/week

    pct nolvadex 20/20/20/10/10

    I wouldn't use the clomid... Shit makes me womanly lol but that's just me maybe...

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    I think your cycle looks okay but running it 10 weeks would be better. I would run the dbol all 7 days per week. Assuming the dbol is 5mg per tab you will have enough for just under 6 weeks at 25mg ED. It sounds like you only have 1500iu of hcg which really isn't going to do much. If you can't get more the I would run 125iu 2 times per week starting week 2 (if you run the 8 week cycle) or week 4 (if you run it 10 weeks).

    For pct I would run the nolvadex at 20/20/10/10/10 or clomid at 150/100/50/50/50.
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    It looks good to me and I think youwould be safe to up the dbol to 40 mg or even 50mg. You weigh close to 200 hundred lbs. and think it wouldn't hurt. Drink plenty of water though. Good Luck and keep us updated on progress. It sounds like a good cycle.

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    thanks very constructive and supportive

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    Check your diet... ir you not growing, you probably not eating correctly... thats what we've found out in the past.

    I started working out at 38 and managed to put on a huge amount of muscle... its all about diet.
    We don't always get what we want.......

    But we eventually get what we deserve........

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    Hazcat Guest


    You will definitely need more calories to gain on your frame.

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    6 - 7 eggs without yolk, an apple and orange jauce in the morning or any other avaliable fruits
    chicken breast with boiled potato few hours later
    protien shake few hour later
    protien bar or 3gm amino before workout
    protien shake afterward
    tuna or grilled chicken/meat with rice
    another 3gm amino acid

    Should do it ? Or I just go crazy on carbs during first 4 weeks then shift back to keto diet during cutting phase in the last 4 weeks ?

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    wheres the pasta? i was 6'2 about 210lbs for the longest time and couldnt gain a single pound, until i bumped up my cal. intake to 4000+.. and i also bumped up my carb intake.. i went from 210 to 245 in 12 weeks, but then i shredded down to 230.. just start eatting some more and you'll see the gains..

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    Get also at least 2 grams of protein for every pound of bodyweight, the muscles need protein to grow.

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