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    Whats up everyone,

    I am looking to do my first cycle with test prop at 300 a week for 8 weeks
    I am 20 years old and am 6'2" 210lbs with 15% BF.
    I have been training hard for about 4 years and am hoping to gain some strength and definition through the cycle. My daily food intake is as follows
    bf- Oatmeal, water
    lunch- protein shake and chicken w/ tomato juice
    dinner-chicken,pork or fish w/ vegtable
    another shake after workout
    workout 5-6 times a week doing 2 miles and good hour lift using specific muscle groups each time with 30 seconds in between sets, high reps
    I am looking for advice on the cycle because test prop is all i have access to and I was wondering if this is the right choice and if i should take a pct during the cycle or wait until after(plan on nolvadex for 3 weeks at 20mgs a day post cycle but not during). I am open to any suggestions and appreciate any input as I would like some experienced input before I make the final decision. Thank You.


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    At 20, you are still too young. No kidding. You are still in your prime and doing a cycle now will only cause issues later on to your endocrine system. Wait a few years and do some serious research on the topic before you start using gear. At 20, you have testosterone levels that are ideal for prime muscle growth.

    As far as your diet goes, I can tell you don't eat enough if gains are your goal. You should be eating clean but in FAR greater quantities. Diet truly is 80% of everything. I'm 6 inches shorter than you and about about 20 lbs. lighter yet I still eat far more than you do. Regardless if I am on or off cycle. Food is your most anabolic substance right now. If diet help is what you need, any of us can help. Eating and eating right is a way of life for the body builder.

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    I agree that you should wait a few years. Your natural test (providing you have normal test levesl) is where us older guys strive to get ours on cycle or with TRT. Strength comes with continued training over time. Definition comes from proper diet and training (lifting and cardio). You can achieve these without steroids at this point in your life.

    From looking at your diet you probably aren't eating enough to put on mass, assuming you are trying to. You aren't eating frequently enough to keep metabolism up if you are trying to drop body fat. Either way you should be eating 5-6 times per day. Keeping a clean diet will help you manage body fat as well.
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    i dont suggest having just nolva on hand for pct. kinda old school. test prop is wicked imo cos you dont have to wait 5-6 weeks to start seeing gains nor do you have to wait the same time after your last pin to start pct or make your proper adjustments... you just hit it for 8 weeks and stop. at 20 your kinda young but fuk who am i to talk so if you do it just do it right and dont start half assed without certain things just cos you cant get em..... i'm glad letro worked for me and i some how got it when i needed it cos i got gyno 6 months after my cycle and within a week i had massive lumps under my nipples that looked awful..... just cos i didnt pct properly, all i thought of was the 12 weeks of oil in my delt... think it through till the end bro. good luck

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    Best wait a couple years.

    You obviously don't have your diet or training inline, otherwise you'd be growing naturally without problems.

    Looks like you might be doing a bit too much cardio also....
    We don't always get what we want.......

    But we eventually get what we deserve........

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    You sound like me at 20. Look into working whole body three times a week with heavy compounds and a little more rest, rather than the isolation stuff youre probably doing. also, increase calories and protein. When i switched to all that and got my diet in check, i grew like a weed.

    my basic recommendation for lifting is an upper-body push, and upper-body pull, and some sort of squat or deadlift variation, every other day. doesnt sound like much, but it works better than anything i have ever tried before. look up chad waterbury programs. im so glad i did. but then again, everyone is different.

    and no matter what you decide to do, good luck with the gains!

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    Just wait... I'm doing my 1st at age 34!
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